Author: Fiona Mills

Floor Safes Proven Protection

With an alarming increase on crime rates these days, more and more people are getting cynical about their belongings and how they can protect them against intrusion and the elements. Thus, manufacturers and entrepreneurs came up with an idea on how to safeguard man’s valuable things and properties through a device that can endure the test of time. And so, floor safes came into the limelight. Basically, a safe has three main classifications or configurations. They are the wall or wall-mounted safes, the freestanding safes, and the in-floor or simply floor safes. Without going into the details of the other two, let us discuss the compositions of floor safes.

1. The Nature Of Floor Safes

Basically, floor safes, like its two counterparts, are specially designed to provide protection and security to valuables and other pertinent documents. As it name suggests, floor safes are exclusively made to be mounted into the concrete slab of the floor. Because of its position, manufacturers of floor safes strongly suggest that the position of the safe must be carefully analysed and considered so as to maximize its potential. If mounted properly end extensively, floor safes can be the best protection against burglary and even tragedies like fire.

2. Installation

Floor safe installations are actually more complicated and more expensive compared to wall safes. When installing floor safes, you have to cut a slab out of the floor first. Then, you have to dig a hole. After which the safe is placed into the hole and more concrete is poured to cover the area. This will firmly ground the safe and prevent it from being physically removed during a burglary.

3. About Floor Safes

Floor safes are under the category of composites safes. That means that they have a combination of two functions, to combat fire and burglary. In its entirety, the floor safe has been tested against all forms of burglary. The ratings that floor safes obtain will also determine the price of the item.

One drawback that consumers find on floor safes is that it has a tick wall covering, which, by practicality, floor safes render smaller space as compared to the typical metal vaults or the ordinary filing cabinets. But people must understand that the main reason why floor safes are designed this way is because of its purpose, and that is to protect the valuables and not just be a mere storage item.

The other feature of floor safes is its electronic lock. It provides convenience to the user because they no longer have to rotate on a counting basis so as to open the safe. Plus, because it is electronic, the floor safe’s combination can be changed as often as you like.

The ironic drawback of floor safes is that, during a burglary, the burglar will have no option to try and take the safe with him, which may instigate him to be more hostile and violent with nearby hostages in hopes of obtaining the combination. Thus, the floor safe should be considered the absolute ideal safe for coverage at night and when no one is present.

Important Rules of Choosing and Dealing With a Contractor

Building your dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare of unmet schedules, cost over runs, shabby workmanship and endless arguments.

Here is a list of items to check and to look out for:
1- If your state requires a state license, ask for the number. Don’t stop at that. Call the relevant state board and check on the license’s status. You don’t know who regulates contractors in your state? Ask Him/Her. And pay attention to the reaction.

There is no need to be shy. A legitimate and honest businessman will have no problem providing the information. We are involved in a highly regulated business and we proudly provide the relevant information along with phone numbers and links to the state bodies on our About Us page.

2- Ask for references. Pay attention to the reaction. Too quick a reaction and fast talk is probably a lie and a bluff. Too cautious a reaction is a sign of uncertainty. In any event write the names and numbers down and do call them. Go see them. Most people will actually welcome you simply to show off their achievement.

3- Are you building a home from the ground up? Make sure the contractor has built a complete project in the past. Experience counts; a ground up construction or a major remodel is a very different animal from room and bathroom additions.

4- Visit his/her place of business. Not all contractors have an office, but you need to make sure you are not dealing with fly-by-night operation.

5- Your construction loan package will include paper work for the contractor to complete. How does he handle that? The following is a list of warning signs.

Doesn’t have the time to complete the lender’s line item cost breakdown and insists on using his own.
Doesn’t understand why the lender should be asking for credit references.

Doesn’t see why the construction loan lender should need to see the construction contract?
Insists that in his experience non of the above are necessary and that this lender don’t know anything about construction loans.

6- Be wary of the contractor who prefers to give a “complete package” price. No construction lender will accept that and neither should you. The line item cost breakdown does not have to be completed on every single line, but the more the merrier. Read it carefully, it will dictate the quality of the home you end up with.

7- Demand a material’s list. You don’t need the contractor who doesn’t have the time for this. Some lenders don’t require this and when they do little attention is paid to it.

Insist on a complete list of all materials and fixtures. Go to the showrooms, choose them and list your choices by make, model and /or quality. This list should be signed by the contractor and you and be made a part of the contract.
Saying “A good kitchen will cost so many dollars per foot” doesn’t mean much when you go to the showroom at the end of the project only to find out that you hate what the construction loan budget has allowed for.

8- As a part of the construction loan process the contractor will be asked to provide evidence of Liability Insurance as well as evidence of Workman’s compensation.

He/She may very well not have Workman’s Compensation Insurance if he/she does not directly employ anyone. However, complaints about Liability Insurance are a sure sign of trouble.

9- As material costs are rising, payment of deposits on some deliveries may be required by suppliers and some construction loans will allow that. But be aware of the contractor who asks for up front money.

10- Construction loan disbursements are made in stages. Never ever pay a contractor before your local county or city inspector has signed off on that stage. The lender’s inspector only verifies percentage of completion not compliance, so his approval does not mean that your local authorities will also sign off.

Why Line Marking Has Becoming Very Important In Today’s Workplace

The health and safety laws have ended up being increasingly stricter in the past couple of years when it comes to employee security. This is more so for people who work in a storage facility, no matter what industry hire line marking services in Melbourne.

The factor being that more frequently there are not more risks that present themselves here than for workers in an office. This is because of the more significant possibility of their being equipment on a majority of the floor space which can trigger an injury.

What can line marking do for you?

Line marking is very useful when it pertains to highlighting evident and potential risks in the work environment. This is done in numerous methods by using tapes, traction tapes and lots of other approaches, with each danger being determined by a different colour or style.

For each threat a different colour used, so it is differentiated from others. Each one of these gets developed to make the tape stand apart so that they are easily noticeable and to caution everybody who is walking near it.

Not just is line marking used for risks and cautions; it is also utilised to signify the appropriate area and route which you get expected to adhere to when walking. This is to prevent any threat or injury when you are working as well as to direct people around.

An essential characteristic when it comes to picking your approach of line marking is that you will want to choose a way which is lasting. Depending on the size of your storage facility, their machinery or a high variety of people going across the tape and can cause it to wear down quite rapidly.

Although it is more expensive for the more difficult using tape, it would be a much better choice in the long run otherwise you might discover that you will be purchasing markings more frequently and possibly spend for somebody to lay it down correctly for you.

You will want to discover companies that offer factory line marking in Melbourne that can provide you with this service as well as make sure that the task gets done correctly. They will likewise be able to assist you to find which colour and style is best for each danger and anything else that would have to reveal.

Nevertheless, the advantage of utilising floor tapes for line marking is that they applied quickly to anyone and can save many costs by getting an outdoors individual to do it for you.

Before the use of line marking tapes, the approach utilised to find these areas was by the use of paint. The flooring stripes have lots of advantages to painting, most especially that once they put down, they strolled across or equipment can review them quickly instead of waiting for them to dry.

Also, the flooring tape line marking method is longer long lasting than paint as overtime paint can wear away more easily and ultimately require reapplication.


There are numerous advances in the line marking field that prove that paint is now a less practical method. This is because, in the production procedure, new phrasing is used, such as warnings, so they get set quickly without having it down it at a later time.

Another example would be the addition of image bright colours which appear white in the daytime and radiance in the dark at night. This is an advantage if you are operating at a time where there are low levels of light, and you still need entirely mindful.

Flooring marking tape is essential in lots of industries. There are various sizes and colours that people can pick from. If they are trying to find the shapes, they can see that at Heskins as well. It is durable and will hold up to precisely what it was meant to hold up to. When marking out sidewalks around a shop or anything else, products from may be just what you require.